Available Add-On Software
  • Cinema.JAR
  • Utility Usage Monitor
  • Analog Presets Control

Add-on software for the JNIOR is available for download from the Support section of our website.  


Cinema.JAR allows the JNIOR to execute ‘macros’.  Cinema.JAR contains functionality for the cinema industry and is described in detail on the Cinema.JAR page in the Software section of our website. 

Macros are created using the JNIOR Support Tool Macro tab.  Multiple macros can be developed to execute on the JNIOR.  Each macro contains a series of ‘actions’.  An action can control a relay output, soft pulse a digital input, control an LED on the JNIOR Control Panel and send commands to remote ‘devices’.  Devices are external equipment that can accept an Ethernet or serial connection from the JNIOR and receive a control command.  Devices are configured using the JNIOR Support Tool Devices tab.

Macros are triggered to execute by a digital input transition, switch on the JNIOR Control Panel, message from another computer, on boot up, scheduled execution by time of day and via logical expressions.

Utility Usage Monitor

Utility Usage Monitor is an application that can count ‘pulses’ coming from utility meters – gas, water, steam, electricity, etc. – and totalize these counts and display their usage over various time intervals.  The Utility Usage Monitor software is described in further detail on the Utility Usage Monitor page in the Software section of our website.

Analog Presets Control

Analog Presets Control is an application that allows the user to change the analog output settings on the JNIOR Analog Expansion Modules (LED Dimmer, 4-20 mA, 10 VDC) based on a digital input status change or a relay output status change.  The analog signal can be changed to various ‘levels’ defined via Analog Presets configuration web page.  The transition from one analog output value to the next output value is stepped according to a user defined rate.