JANOS 1.9 (Released February 3 2020) February 3, 2020

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JANOS - UPD v1.9 Feb 03 2020 877 KB 5845d6b3b26da7e1be32bdc164272aea
Series 4 All-In-One v1.9 May 01 2020 2 MB b79eb6be8c2873bb42fd66fa480c581a

Release Notes

We have released JANOS v1.9 which has several changes and bug fixes. Most notably with TCP packet generation. While it is not wrong to send data in multiple TCP packets, many devices incorrectly implement TCP clients and fail when this case arises. This version adjusted the release of socket data to reduce the chances that a message might be split across separate TCP packets. This had been a recent issue with some MODBUS client devices.

  • Added support for Reverse LLMNR allowing network scanners to label IP addresses with hostnames
  • Adjusted the release of socket data to reduce the chances that a message might be split across separate TCP packets
  • Corrected Sockets race condition that caused occasional reception delays and blocking
  • Fixed the incorrect signed display of large input counter values in JRMON and JMP Protocol
  • Adds a BEACON announcement in the event of an IP conflict
  • Improved NONCE management eliminating possible issues in the presence of port scanners
  • Eliminated chance of buffer overrun occurring in FTP transfer
  • Beacon REBOOT now works in all cases
  • Eliminated potential difficulty in obtaining network capture file

JANOS 1.8 (Released June 17 2019) June 17, 2019

Release Notes

We have released JANOS v1.8 which adds the JMP Protocol. The JANOS Management Protocol (JMP) is essentially the JSON message interface utilized by JANOS Websockets. The JMP Protocol has been exposed on its own TCP/IP port. This encloses the JSON messaging in a JSON array along with the JSON Object length making reception of the messages easy. The JMP Protocol will be used by the QSC Q-SYS JNIOR component.

  • Implements the JANOS Management Protocol JMP
  • Adds "Block" command to JSON interfaces
  • Web Server limits the effects of extremely slow connections.

  JANOS - UPD v1.8 [ Jun 17 2019, 874 KB, MD5: 11d1af6e80acfdcae637edb27e23a6f2 ]

  Series 4 All-In-One v1.8 [ Jun 27 2019, 2 MB, MD5: 2962d0d6fd2b9659e5e5956ed40549f9 ]

JANOS 1.7.1 (Released 3 December 2018) December 3, 2018

Release Notes

  • Watchdog no longer causes reboot from foreground execution
  • REGEX Alternation '|' has been corrected to properly work in Group
  • Corrected NULL Pointer write issue when a Group which employs alternation appears at the start of a REGEX expression
  • Resolved message pump memory issue relating to process termination
  • Expand the channel range for setOutputRelay() from 0-11 to 0-15
  • Corrected network capture filtering when an IP address is to be excluded
  • Supports networks using Jumbo Frames
  • Eliminated assertion associated with improper use of '%n' in System.out.printf.

  JANOS - UPD v1.7.1 [ Dec 03 2018, 870 KB, MD5: 70bc5f3d4ec311786fe304c4e447595b ]

  Series 4 All-In-One v1.7.1 [ Dec 03 2018, 2 MB, MD5: b88a8d86302d867835a50e8f699edcad ]

JANOS 1.7 (Released 26 July 2018) July 26, 2018

Release Notes

  • Added ability to load single CA Certificate to be supplied on TLS connection
  • Support TLS Client Certificate Verification on outgoing connections
  • Added legacy PKCS1 support for externally generated certificates
  • Corrected array issue with processing of deferred email transmissions
  • Corrected memory issue with TAB use on the Command Line
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