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The JNIOR has a built-in MODBUS server. The application is loaded by default but not enabled. You must use the DCP to enable the MODBUS server application.

The MODBUS server that is built-in implements MODBUS TCP. MODBUS is a request / response protocol and is not as efficient as other protocols. That being said, MODBUS is widely used.

Since the JNIOR is security conscious, we have a login option built-in for applications where a custom function command can be implemented and sent. The Login is set to true by default. If a login cannot be sent, set the ModbusServer/Login registry key to false and reboot the JNIOR.

INTEG can write custom applications to communicate with other MODBUS devices across any of the MODBUS protocols. MODBUS RTU over RS-485 can only be used on the JNIOR 410. The JNIOR 410 is the only model with RS-485 capabilities.

The MODBUS Server application is part of the All-In-One update. Here is the documentation for the MODBUS server and MODBUS TCP protocol implemented by the JNIOR..