Serial Control Plus runs on the JNIOR and allows the user to interact with the JNIOR I/O via the serial port and/or the Ethernet port using simple ASCII commands.  The user can control the relay outputs (on, off, pulse) and receive the status of the digital inputs and relay outputs (on, off) and counters via the serial port and/or Ethernet port. 

Example commands include:

C1        - Close relay output 1
O234      - Open relays 2, 3 and 4 
DIN1=1    -  Input 1 is 'on'         ROUT1=1  - Relay output 1 is 'on'  


The Serial Control Plus functionality can be used in applications where the user’s external device cannot communicate over the Ethernet, but can communicate via an RS232 port.  The user’s device must be able to utilize the command structure for the JNIOR defined in the Serial Control Plus manual.  Utilization of the serial port can be used in conjunction with another application utilizing the Ethernet port.