The USERMOD command allows you to add or remove user account privileges or tags.

bruce_dev /> help usermod

 +A,-A          Add or remove Administrator rights
 +C,-C          Add or remove Control rights
 +D,-D          Disable or Enable the account

Modifies user privileges.

bruce_dev />

The Series 4 uses three different tags: Administrator, Control, and Disabled. These are described under the USERS command topic. Basically accounts tagged as Administrator can do everything. An account tagged for Control can only manipulate I/O status. And, a Disabled account is just that, disabled.

The USERMOD command actually violates the JANOS standard for command options. This command uses the plus sign ‘+’ as well as the dash ‘-‘ to designate an option. This is a legacy thing left over from the Series 3.

The following command disables the ‘user’ account by adding the Disabled tag:

usermod +d user

This would re-enable the account by removing the Disabled tag:

usermod -d user

Note that the USERMOD command can only modify a single user. So you cannot add a tag to a set of users. You must also specify a user.

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